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Executive Search

Executive search is a recruitment service based on a selective, customized search. Executive search is the best approach to a recruitment challenge when finding the right person for the right position is imperative and the goal is also to save time and resources.

Profos provides confidential and expert executive search services for the demanding recruitment of middle and senior management. We work as our clients’ partner and offer consulting services at every recruitment stage. Our promise to our customers is to provide them with the best solution.

The executive search process

The success of an executive search is based on understanding the recruiting need and the client’s situation. At the start of our mandate, we do a careful review of our client’s objectives and situation. We find out what competence requirements have been set for the person to be recruited and offer consulting services to define a job description.

The most important prerequisite for a successful outcome is the expertise of the consultant. The experience of our consultants in recruitment and business management is our guarantee to you. We understand the stages involved in executive recruitment and the requirements of the various tasks through personal experience.

Executive Search Description (PDF)


Profos is your partner when you are looking for a new position and your goal is a middle or senior management post. You can contact our consultants and discuss your career goals in confidence, or send us your resume and an open application specifying the type of work that interests you.


All of the information you send to us will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Your resume or application will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission. Once we have found the right assignment for your expertise and experience, we will contact you and ask about your interest in the job.

Management Team Development

The management team guides the company’s business operations. Its primary function is to ensure that the company operates in accordance with its strategy. The management team makes decisions, sets goals and ensures that decisions are put into practice.

Profos is an expert in the development of management team. We use a coaching method and strive to make full use of the management team’s own resources, and we provide models that will bring sustainable change to operations.

Development of methods
  • Workshop activity
  • Facilitation
  • Tailor-made training
  • Leadership competence assessment
  • Management coaching

View the Management Team Development presentation

Management Coaching

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship, which focuses on clients taking action towards the realization of their visions, goals and desires. The aim of the coaching process is to help clients both define and achieve professional and personal goals faster and easier than would otherwise be possible.

Our coaching services’ customer segment is typically organizations’ managers and management teams. Typical motives and situations leading to personal coaching are:

  • Personal development needs and situations of change
  • Career turning points
  • Performance improvement goals
  • Desire to enhance the quality of life

Typical motives and situations leading to group coaching are:

  • Forming the management team and defining the roles
  • Developing leadership capabilities and achieving results
  • Situation of change in organizations and changes within the management group

View the Coaching presentation

Strategy Consulting

A strategy is the route that is chosen to achieve a vision. At its best, the strategy is a clear, practical guide that employees are committed to implementing, and that ensures the organization’s competitive and economic success.

Profos offers consulting services and training to clarify and implement strategy. Our consulting services cover the main stages of strategy. We also customize comprehensive training packages and training related to different strategy work phases.

Our strategy consulting services are:
  • Modeling strategy work
  • Strategy definition tools
  • Strategy project consulting
  • Strategy implementation and monitoring

Consulting HR Practices

Good-quality human resource management is based on defined and recurring internal processes and methods that are used to create more efficient staff recruitments for the organization, to steer the development of the staff and engage employees in their duties and organization’s goals. A successful company needs well-functioning human resource management that delivers consistent administrative services and takes advantage of effective information systems.

Profos offers consultation to organization’s managers and HR specialists to implement human resource management solutions. We provide services to meet the following needs:

  • recruitment processes
  • employment practices
  • company-specific training programs
  • competence development methods

Through extensive cooperation networks, Profos also provides legal and administrative services to companies in need of internationalization, for example in situations where a Finnish company establishes a subsidiary or a branch abroad and recruits employees to it.

Cooperation Partners

Profos works actively with companies providing consulting, training and research services. The objective is to network with leading companies in the field so that the customer gets the best methods and expertise for each assignment.