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Profos Executive Search is a Finnish company specializing in executive search and leadership development. We have been in business since 2004 and have, in accordance with our mission, implemented better leadership and growth in competence for both companies and individuals. The basis of our business is the understanding of leadership and business, confidential customer relationships and the expertise of our consultants.

A successful company needs a clear strategy, competent management as well as skilled and motivated staff. Profos supports its customers’ success in both individual recruitment and development needs, and in the changing circumstances of the entire company, when modifying strategy, organizational practices and management models.

Our core competence is executive search, management team development, strategy consulting and executive coaching.


Executive Search

Executive Search is a recruitment service based on a selective customized search. It requires for a consultant to understand the customer’s situation and the competency requirements of the job as well as to find the candidates that are best suited for the job.

Profos consultants have the ability to deliver the best solution for recruitment needs.

Management Team Development

Management Team makes decisions, directs business and ensures the implementation of the strategy. Successful management teamwork requires management competency, strategic ability and good interaction of its members.

Profos provides coaching services for the development of management team work, through which the management team and its members develop in their management work.

Management Coaching

Coaching is a unique and goal-oriented method of development that relies on the strengths and resources of the individual or group to be coached.

Profos provides solution-oriented coaching to support the employer and the coachee(s) for achieving their goals.

Strategy Consulting

A good strategy is a roadmap for implementing the company’s vision and goals. A Vision-making strategy does not arise from itself but requires design, active interaction, and above all, implementation.

Profos provides consulting and coaching for the development and implementation of a successful strategy.

Consulting HR Practices

Well-functioning human resource management supports the company’s productivity, improves employees well-being and improves the efficiency of supervisors. Especially in growing and internationalizing companies, there is a need to free up competencies and resources for the best use.

Profos delivers business-enhancing HR services both for individual projects and as a continuous service.


Harri Hämäläinen

managing partner
M.Soc.Sc., MBA

+ 358 44 3200 233

Harri Hämäläinen is the founder of Profos and he has led the company since the start of 2004, focusing on management consulting in addition to executive search.

During his career, Harri has held management positions in various business sectors including business law, information security consulting, and residential investments, as well as working in human resources and communications with a telecom operator. Harri has served on the Board of several organizations.


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